Friday, January 19, 2007

i can do that

Last night, flipped to the Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers basketball game and caught this circus shot by Dwayne Wade. Left handed, over-the-shoulder, not looking at the basket, and one.

UPDATE: Youtube, greatest invention since you and tube.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

tuesdays are my party night

Winter finally hits in Toronto. I'm sitting around at night, one cold dreary desolate night, flipping channels in front of my television. See that Texas is playing Oklahoma State in mens NCAA basketball. Now, I don't watch all NCAA games, but I have created a checklist, and if the game falls into one of the categories on that list, I might watch it. Here is that list of what needs to be happening for me to watch an NCAA game:

1. Leafs aren't playing
2. Raptors aren't playing
3. There isn't a good NFL game on
4. There are two top 25 ranked teams playing each other.
5. There is one top 25 ranked team, and it's the second half of the game, and that ranked team is losing to an unranked team.
6. Greg Oden is playing.
*New* 7. Kevin Durant is playing.

Number seven on that list was created on Tuesday night. As I mentioned, #14 ranked Oklahoma State was at home playing #23 ranked Texas in a Big Twelve Conference match up. Texas is a young team, they were ranked #1 at about this time last year, but this year have 9 freshmen or sophomores on their 12 man roster having lost all of their starters from last year. Their starting 5 consist of 4 freshmen and 1 sophomore.

Anyways, it was the match of the year so far in basketball, going to triple overtime and ending with a Oklahoma victory on a Mario Boggan wild three pointer with a few seconds left. They play again on February twelfth.

Twelfth is a weird word. Such strong consonants all in a row. LFTH. Just weird.

So this Kevin Durant guy is a skinny freshman on Texas who can shoot from anywhere it seems. He's listed as 6 foot 9 weighing 225, but it looks like he needs to weigh around 250 to fill out his body. He's going to be good.

countenance noun 1 obsolete : BEARING, DEMEANOR
2 a : calm expression b : mental composure c : LOOK, EXPRESSION
4 : FACE, VISAGE; especially : the face as an indication of mood, emotion, or character
5 : bearing or expression that offers approval or sanction : moral support