Monday, November 28, 2005

the newest B.J.

Damn skippy. After the computer drafted my team and gave me B.J. Ryan in MVP 2005 as my closer I turned to my friend and said that the Jays should pick this guy up. He responded with "really?"

The next day the New York Daily News reported that the Jays had signed him to a big contract. I thought, "wow, I'm smart" but then realized that the story could be a ploy to get the Mets to sign Wagner, or at least drive up Wagner's price.

I now don't care. I'd don't know if I'd rather have Ryan over Burnett, because it looks like this signing will prevent the Jays from getting Burnett. And although Burnett has a live arm, the scarcity of good free agents might just drive up the price of the few that are good.

But this allows Batista to get out of the pen, and possibly moved for a bat, which would be ideal. The Jays need a bat, Koskie wasn't up to the task last year, Hillenbrand was great, but the power loss of Delgado was felt. One more bat. I'm going to silently wish for one more bat.

In fact, I've just looked at the Jay lineup, I seriously don't think that they're going to sign Burnett if they have already signed Ryan. Halladay, Lilly, Chacin, Towers, and Bush/Downs could round out the rotation. Course, if I'm wrong, I'd love to be wrong. In fact, if they do sign Burnett, there is a Latin phrase that would apply to me,

non omnis moriar : I shall not wholly die


Waqid Musjif said...

Stop writing this blog. Seriously. No one but myself and you likely reads it, and I am only here to tell you that your writing style blows Afghanian goats.

Anonymous said...

^ Nice comment, but I read it too. I'm "the" infamous anonymous poster as Hossim referred to in the Joey joe joe (which I admit is a lame nickname) post. This one's for you hossim, from a recent Raptors game:

"People were handing out Raptor Killer posters to hold up during timeouts, and there were 2 guys in the platinums with bigger RK posters and matching t-shirts. They weren't thrown out."

So I guess this pretty much stuffs your original conspiracy theories, aside from your ignorance when it comes to salary caps and all.