Tuesday, September 06, 2005

love's labour's lost

Apparently, according to a road sign, "turning traffic must yield to pedestrians." So it's officially a jungle out there, and cars are bigger than humans so get out of the way.

A little blurb in a major Toronto newspaper stated that hurricane Katrina, or Kat as I like to call her, was bigger than any terrorist attack. It's good to know that in the face of a natural disaster, the populace is essentially being told, "hey, don't forget about terrorism." I wonder if the displaced people from Louisiana give two shits about the violent statements made by terrorists, and instead are wondering why the fuck their government couldn't get off the terrorism bandwagon quickly enough to get them some food so that they could, you know, live.

Listening to Noam Chomsky's on CBC's Massey lectures from 1988, it's amazing how in almost 20 years how he essentially pointed out a blueprint for how things are orchestrated, and how 20 years later, not much has changed. It's almost as though the conservative right-wing (who compared the masses and the common people and the amount of free will they have as the same as free will of lemmings) are right. The argument for media propoganda is that people are stupid, so lets fool them with necessary illusions. I'm glossing over a very well constructed argument, but dumbing down an argument doesn't make the argument wrong, it just dumbs it down. If you want more accurate info, read Manufacturing Consent, by the same Chomsky fellow, it is an indepth look into democracy and capitalism.

Imbibe: 1 : to receive and retain in the mind 2 : drink 3 : to drink in : absorb.

To hear is one thing, to imbibe is another. Open your ears people.

For those of you who like to partake in distracting hobbies from time to time, my NFL teams for this year are: (based on an auction of 6 total people each having to buy 5 different teams)
1. Kansas City - Like their defence upgrade, perhaps Dick wants to go out with a bang.
2. Seattle - Winners of the NFC west, St. Louis is on the downswing, as witnessed by their record against teams not in the NFC west last season.
3. San Diego - No one expected them to win more than 4 games last year, no one expects them to do the same this year. Lightning in a bottle? Perhaps. But hey, the best teams win inexplicably. Or maybe I'm just consoling my pick.
4. Jacksonville - Cardiac cats are just fun to watch. Defence keeps them close, and Leftwich should put some magically drives together again this year.
5. Arizona - Solid defence, young upstart offence. Weak division. Why not?

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