Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ranting 101

So I'm on my way to school this morning and I'm crossing the street. Not paying too much attention, it being early morning and all. I'm almost all the way across, when a cab flies out and zooms right in front of me. It's not like I was blatently J-walking, the light had just turned red/green. Anyways, I stop, see the fucking coward on a cell phone zooming by. It's not like he was driving and didn't notice me, he was at a complete stop and then started. If he waited 3 seconds I would have fully crossed. The cab company is Blueline here in Ottawa, stupid me, I didn't get his number. But that's ok, they're all part of a union. Since they are, they are all accountable for the actions of their brothers. So I've got a job for you cops. Lets say something happens to blue-line vehicles now in town. Can you identify me and prove I did it because of what I've written here? Hypothetically speaking of course. I'm in no position to put the law in my own hands, but clearly there is no law which addresses this unique situation. Asides from a hit and run. Which they (Blueline) did to someone I know last year. So cabbies are one strike away from being out. Bus drivers struck out last year after I had to catch an old lady on a walker because the driver couldn't wait for her to grab a seat and decided to floor it. So maybe I'll just get hit by Blueline cabs and sue them until I can buy the company and fire them all. Or more likely, I'll just stop using them.

Vicissitude: the quality or state of being changeable 2 : a change or succession from one thing to another; esp : an irregular, unexpected, or suprising change.

On to school. I suggested to one of my Prof's that they make the text books available for a 3 hour reserve in the library as opposed to the normal 3 week borrow period. He said that it was a unique idea. But then he followed up with "since you're expected to have the text book..." which let me know exactly where he was coming from. Shut your mouth, open your wallet and have a nice bookshelf. I'll show him, I'll just borrow them from the library and read them as opposed to those who buy them and keep them shiny. What's the point here, to own the books or to get educated? Only a fool opens his wallet and then complains about the prices. Things, asides from gas, are available at discounted rates everywhere. Sure you pay more for gas, but you get to drive to a Wal-Mart and buy cheap shampoo.

Back to the Prof. Not all bad, allthough more mixed messages from him. He suggested the National Library Archives for research, which is a great find. He also said the books for the classes are there. So... books at the National library can only be read for a few hours, not taken out of the building. Hmm... sorta like a 3 hour reserve at the school library. Which makes my unique idea completely un-unique. Who has authority at school, the book store or the library? Considering that they're expanding the coffee shop at the library to the point where they have to put some books underneath (yes underneath) the arena, we know where the heart/wallet lies.

So detectives, put the clues together. Put all your resources towards stopping the written repercussions instead of addressing the problems.

In other news. Stuff happened, people died, people went missing. A good person quietly hoped that the little he could do may reduce some of the unfair that life is. It didn't, but we could use more like him.

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