Saturday, December 17, 2005

Millen Man March

Well news out of Detroit is mutinous. It's crazy. First, the fans have the Millen Man March prepared for the tailgate party before tomorrows game against the Bengals. No doubt it's a protest. Secondly, and this is completely crazy, another protest has people being asked to show up in Bengal orange and black and to cheer for the Bengals.

I can't believe they might do that. Detroit people, follow hockey. You've got Zetterberg, Datsyuk. Hell, the Pistons are kicking serious ass this year too. What are they, 17-3 now? Leave the Lions alone.
As a Leafs fan, I have no idea what to expect in tonites game against the Sens. I'm going to sit in my apartment wearing my jersey and clinching my teeth while yelling at the tv. Unbiasedly, I predict a 5-4 win for the Leafs. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

You should be sitting in your seat at the game while wearing your Leaf jersey and clinching your teeth.

Millen's a disaster. Can you name a GM in the NFL who's more incompetent? Most people when making picks in a draft must choose between drafting the best available talent regardless of position or drafting to fill their needs. Millen amazingly drafted a player who wasn't the best available (just look at what he's done, speaks for itself) and who plays at a position the Lions are stacked at already. It was a horrible bet. The only way Millen could have won it was if Mike Williams turned out to be a Randy Moss/Anquan Boldin type receiver who dominated right out of the gate. Guys like them only come along once a decade. Certainly not something to bet your job on.

Millen's the guy who called Johnny Morton a "faggot" a couple times in front of everyone after a game a few years ago. Just shows how dumb the guy is. Jerry Glanville would make a better GM.

Now I've rambled on quite a bit here. Believe me, I'd much rather be at the Leaf game tonight... ahem

Anonymous said...

It's time to show you some love: Your blog is more enjoyable to read than a Damien Cox article.

Anonymous said...

This blog fucking sucks donkey dick

Anonymous said...

This blog jumped the shark when he started bashing the Raptors.

Hossim said...

yeah, this blog sucks, I read more interesting things at the bottom of my toilet bowl. Raptors are only 3.5 behind Boston for the last playoff spot.