Monday, September 18, 2006

on the first part of the journey

Points to ponder

  1. I have less time than I think.
  2. Women have an innate ability to move with extreme stealth. They know how to be seen and heard, and they also understand how not to be seen. Seriously, put a woman in socks and on a carpet, close your eyes, and you’ll never know where she is.
  3. I walk with heavy feet (i.e. loudly)
  4. I don’t know what this says about me as a person (probably not good) but I’ve noticed that there is a particular phrase that I mutter to myself with more frequently. That phrase is “I’m going to hell.”
  5. If you’re a professional football team and you blow a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter and at home then no one will ever bet on you again.
  6. If everyone could come up with just one good idea, we’d have a lot of good ideas.
  7. I’ve just read that Jevon Kearse is out for the season. I have a lot invested in the Philadelphia Eagles, and their loss combined with this piece of news, to put the situation bluntly, does not help my mental stability. Argh, this is going to cost me dollars. Lots and lots of dollars.
  8. I hate grey Mondays. When I woke up a black cat was outside my window, one that I’ve never seen before. I’m thinking of getting home from work and just going to bed so I can end this day quickly.
  9. If the band America is right, and the ocean is a desert with its life underground, then perhaps there is life on Mars.

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