Wednesday, October 05, 2005

case of the missing potato

My apartment smells like potato. Maybe it's all the potats I've been eating. I dunno, it seems like there's a potato that went awol and now is just sitting around providing odor.

In other news (learned from Gregg Easterbrook); Voyager has an 8-kilobyte active memory in its main computers, versus a standard 128 megabytes in new desktop PCs for home use. That is to say, your home computer has 16,000 times more processing power than the computer running a spacecraft that has left the solar system.

And I'm spending my free time looking for a mysterious potato. The cusp of civilization, I tells ya.

Porn, dubbed from English into French, is how I'm learning how to speak French. So far, chicks do not dig it.

chanteuse : a female concert or nightclub singer.

Finally, I have to say something about the weather. I'm talking to random old ladies I meet on the street about it, and now I have to record it here. The train of thought that is in my head while I walk around is "this is October?" Because it's not usually 30 degrees Celsius in October. I'm not going to say global warming, the core of earth is a big ball of fire. Because the world does heat up and melt, and clearly we're at a heating up stage. Ok fine, we might be, as a species, accelerating the process of heating up just a tad. So hurricanes, earthquakes, Tsunami's, and outdoor pools in Ottawa in October. This fire is out of control.

Plus side. Chicks in summer dresses and nice skirts. I must have quite the foolish grin on sometimes.


Anonymous said...

the identity i've chosen is other. i'm not a blogger but i don't think i'm anonymous either. so i choose other by default. similar to the survey i did in second cup yesterday...the young man was asking me which of the new "test cups" i thought was more attractive. i said "neither, i don't find cups attractive."
but hoss i must say your blog (i hate that word) is working...nothing really works, but you must know that right now i am listening to a chanteuse (the over-talented feist) and writing an email to a friend in which i used the word pedagogy. the context ...-oh fuck, i hope i used it right or else this is all for the trash-..."this is pedagogy of sweaty midnight streetcorners and bicycling home in the dark."
i forgot to tell you that i hid a potato in your apartment when i stayed there. you still haven't found it? try using a flashlight, potatoes love flashlights.

Hossim said...

haha, such a good joke. Fun time is over. Tell me where the potato is.

"The pedagogical result of sweaty midnight street corners and bicycling home in the dark is..."

So yeah, what you said works, I think. But as you said, nothing works, so thank you for your complement, I guess.