Monday, October 17, 2005

where has all the water gone?

Walking to school today I noticed something. First sign of winter. They've drained the Rideau Canal. They do that so it can freeze and people can skate/walk/jog on it. So there you have it, I just busted out my autumn sweater last week, and they've already drained the canal.

I also have to try not to think about walking. It's not that I mind walking, or that it's boring or anything. It's that I'm getting the feeling that a slow deconstruction of the mind is taking place, and I'm forgetting simple things, like how to walk.

So, onto reason #1274 on why I'm a fool:

Innocently, I asked a girl that I like for some help with a crossword. I'm probably never going to hear from her again, based on this story and multitude of other reasons, so I don't feel too bad about sharing it (although if I do hear from her, sharing this will be reason #1276). The clue I asked her about was for a five-letter word for "bat eyelashes." I didn't even know that bats had eyelashes. I got one of the letters off another clue. It was the first letter of this five-letter word, 'F'. And I was still thinking that I didn't even know bats had eyelashes.

It wasn't about bats.

So the next day when I got the solution I realized that my obsession with bats had lead me astray. Next thing they're going to tell me is that bats aren't bugs.

For those of you who are like me and are slightly oblivious, the word was 'flirt'. So, when girls are batting their eyelashes, it's not because the wind is in their eyes. Maybe sometimes it's the wind, but definitely not when they're indoors. I seriously need to wake up. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get this one thing. Wow, I've probably missed a chance with tons of girls (well, at least 2) because I'm not good at this non-verbal talking to other people thingie.

I think this is an appropriate description of myself.

Flibbertigibbet n : a silly flighty person.

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