Wednesday, October 12, 2005

strictly confidential

Or so they say. And then they proceed to inform me of the millions of dollars the wife of an ex-president of Tanzania wants to give me to store for safe keeping. She got my email address from her late husband's private study, so she knows she can trust me.

It gets better.

There is $25 million in a box, in a safe. The reason it's in a box, is so the security company holding the box wouldn't know its contents. And now they want to put the money in a safer place. Because the present government isn't friendly with her family. I've also won tons of lotteries that I haven't entered.

But the thing that gets me these days is the new word verification procedure. I can't get the words on my first try. They're all tilted and elongated under crossing lines and it confuses me. After my third try the site usually tells me to just type a letter of the alphabet, any letter, it doesn't matter, just be competent enough to strike a key. That's the kind of motivation that can make one start writing a blog.

Callow adj : lacking adult sophistication: immature

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Anonymous said...

This guy says to me "Hey man, i know tis callow but if you got the time read 'Favourite Game-Leonard Cohen' before summer dies, please."

I haven't read it and so i have no idea what he's talking about.