Monday, March 06, 2006

messin' around with the interweb

ok, so the audio isn't the greatest but here's hoping that this works.
a video of wolf parade, live, playing the song i'll believe in anything.

that was fun, I might have to start making my own mix videos of songs and sports highlights. Speaking of sports.
Here are some reasons why the World Baseball Classic will most likely not be as good as hyped.

1. Rules involving pitchers are as follows, a pitcher must:
-have at least four days rest after an outing of 50 or more pitches
-have at least one day of rest after an outing of 30-49 pitches
-have at least one day of rest after consecutive innings
Pitchers must also throw no more than:
-65 pitches per game in round one of the tournament;
-80 pitches per game in round two of the tournament; and
-95 pitches per game in the Semifinal and Final of the tournament.
-A pitcher may exceed the maximum per-game limits in order to complete a batter's plate appearance.
-If a pitcher is within 20 pitches of a prescribed limit at the beginning of an inning, the Game Operations Technical Committee will inform the head umpire, both managers and the ballpark public address announcer. The technical committee will immediately notify the head umpire when a pitcher has reached his limit set forth in the rules (which includes finishing a batter's plate appearance, if necessary). At that point the head umpire will inform the pitcher's manager who must remove the pitcher from the game immediately.

2. What happens if a team ends up getting blown out and has to use up alot of pitches? No worries, there is a mercy rule.

3. Game Operations Techical Committee?

4. Classic already? The Fall Classic I can believe, but the March Classic? Can this really compete with the playoff pushes in NBA and NHL, not to mention the NCAA tournament?

Basically, with the schedule they have set up, a team will be able to use a pitcher once in each round, with relievers able to be used more frequently, which isn't all that dissimilar from the regular season. However, and this has been done to death, the timing of this tournament sucks ass. Players, especially pitchers, are in no-way ready for full game intensity. Plus the other major sports are in full swing. Most likely the WBC will be a hit in every country except Canada, South Africa, U.S.A., Netherlands, Australia, and Italy.

Maybe baseball should copy the NHL and break for Olympics <-- That's a joke. I'm not quite sure which of those two evils the baseball GM's would prefer.

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