Wednesday, March 08, 2006

sharks report

Anaheim is just one team the San Jose Sharks have to leap frog to make the playoffs

(AP Photo/Francis Specker)

There was a big game in the western conference tonite. I'm following the Sharks really closely from here on in till the end of the season. Here are my top ten reasons (not that I really need any) for doing it (in no particular order):
1)Had they not lost Sturm with a broken leg, they might have beat the Flames and made the Stanley Cup final against the Lightning a few years ago. Although I made tons of dough by betting on the Flames to win the Conference that year. I have a gambling problem when I lose, tons of friends when i win. Well, no, actually my friends tell me I get big headed when I win. It's a lose-lose situation I guess.
2)I got long odds on the Sharks winning the Western Conference, and if they make the playoffs it could be interesting.
3)I'm a Leaf fan, and although they did win tonite, I find that I can't objectively report on them and also I only get to really watch them on Saturday nights.
4)Sharks are a west-coast team and I usually don't go to bed early and I don't mind listening to the streaming audio of the games from I was listening tonite and the announcers were truly upset at the fact that they lost in overtime. "Nabakov makes the save, OH NO! Marleau put it into his own net." Not completely homers (although a few more listens will give a better analysis of that) but more along the lines of announcers truly caring for their team.
5)I've read somewhere that Neil Young has season tickets to them, and if they're good enough for Neil Young, then they're sure as hell good enough for me.
6)I'd like to see Joe Thornton do well. I find it intriguing that the top two picks from one draft year are playing on the same team (Marleau 1997).
7)This guy is probably better equipped than me to do it, but I have no problems finishing 5th in a race of 3.
8)I really hate studying for stats, but I really love reading baseball stats.
9)My xbox broke, and I've got time to kill.
10)I may have been wrong about the WBC being crappy, and even though won't let me watch the games that i've subscribed to (a pox on them until they fix my problem, I'm sure I'm high on their list of priorities. crap) I would like to be wrong more. It humbles me. Please, feel free to comment on my inadequacies.

So anyways. The Sharks lost a big game on the road, but they came away with a point. But now they go home for a 6 game homestand including two big games against teams they are chasing. Thursday Edmonton comes into town and Monday the Kings roll into town. I'll have more of an extensive report on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

You spelled Nabokov wrong. That's pathetic.

Hossim said...
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Hossim said...

yeah, i can't spell Nabokov right often at 1 am. but some comment is better than none. so thanks for that. also, nabokov is not in the dictionary.