Tuesday, March 07, 2006

time sucking machine

i mean, it's not like you ordered a game from ea sports online and waited with baited breath until it got shipped and then were so excited when you started to play that you played all day the first day you got it and then some more the next day and you noticed that the game was choppy, but didn't think much of it, and by the third day your xbox decided to stop fucking working so now you're like a lost puppy wandering around wondering where home is because you have no home without your xbox and your new favourite baseball game is no more and so instead you surf the internet googling "why?" and "what did i do to deserve this?" and then you realize that there's nothing you can do because you have a modded xbox and it was ironic that a game that you bought legally would bring it to its knees and then you google "ironic" and curse the bitch that is alanis, and then you decide to download songs illegally because the straight and narrow got you nowhere and take out your frustration on anything and everything you can find all the time wondering, hoping, that life isn't all that ironic and perhaps it would be nice that you have all this time that you would have spent playing the brand new video game that you waited 2 weeks for to come in the mail and you felt like it was christmas when it did come and now you think that all that time waiting, anticipating, amounted to 2 days of fun and perhaps its time to get out of the house and deal with actual people and maybe you should try to see a sunset again because those things used to be nice.
a good time as any for a Radiohead video. the acoustic version of creep done by low morale.

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