Saturday, March 18, 2006

you break my record, now i break you, like i break your friend

Proud papa that he is, and considerate husband too, Nils Ekman.

Left wing Nils Ekman practiced with his teammates Friday morning after missing Thursday's 5-2 victory over St. Louis so he could be with his wife, Johanna, for the birth of their first child. Mother and son, Melvin, were doing fine, but Ekman wasn't able to watch the Sharks because Fox Sports Net was not available in the hospital's maternity wing.

``I watched the baby channel and `Bloodsport,' '' Ekman said, referring to the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. ``I watched it with no sound so I didn't disturb Johanna.'
' (David Pollack, The Mercury News).

So heading into a big weekend against Dallas today and Colorado tomorrow, the Sharks should try to come away with at least 2 points. Right now they're in tenth in the Western Conference, 3 points behind LA (in the eighth spot), with 3 games in hand. That doesn't factor in Anaheim, who is one point behind LA with one game in hand on LA. There are still too many games left to even begin to draw up first round match-ups in the NHL, so instead I present to you the Belgian Brawler.

Sharks have 18 games to play the rest of this season, with just over a month to go. That means a game at least every other day. The key is to stay healthy, with lots of energy, skate hard, play our game, try not to make the same mistakes that last period and come out strong the next one. And other cliched remarks.

One last thing, if you are a Sharks fan, and you happen to be around James Bay, and you happen to stop by Moose Factory, I advice you to share your feelings with someone there, more specifically, share your feelings about one Jonathan Cheechoo.

Joe Thornton. There, I managed to mention the Sharks whole first line in this post. And last week I got Nieminen, McCauley in Goc in one. Coming up next, Bernier, Marleau and Michalek and their impact on 21st century relations between North and South Korea, more specifically how that line managed to get the two countries to submit one team into the next World Cup of Soccer and why the Czech Republic and Slovakia should not follow suit in hockey (because they would win everything)(also, those countries very different from Korea in terms of political history, I'm just saying that a hockey team combining those two countries would seriously kick ass today, and that it's not so far fetched because at one point recently they would have been under one flag).


umm... tv kills. . yeah. that's all that really can be said about that.

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