Monday, March 20, 2006

taste the cookies

I don't know why, but for some reason in class this morning, when my stats prof started using an example about 'tasting the cookies' I couldn't help but chuckle. Maybe it was the 8:30am Mondayness of the class. Maybe it was the lack of breakfast in my system. Maybe it was that something extra in the coffee, but every time he used a form of 'taste the cookies' (which he used often) my amusement grew. Finally, I had to put my head down and hide the uncontrollable laughter that stemmed from him stating that the purpose of the survey was 'to get customers to taste the cookies.'

Right now, I don't get it anymore. Did he even say 'taste the cookies'? Cuz that's not really funny. Maybe it was the repetition of it. I'm going to start using 'taste the cookies' as an analogy, and see how that works out. Analogy for what? I don't know, everything.

'It sure is cold outside.'
'Yeah, I can barely taste my cookies.'

'Leafs have a big game tonite'
'Oh man, they're gonna have to win if they wanna taste the cookies.'

'What size coffee can I get you?'
'I dunno, maybe it would be an easier decision if you let me taste your cookies.'

'Dude, hot chick, 3 o'clock.'
'I sure would like to taste her cookies.'

I can see it starting to get a tad sexual in use, but like all good slang phenomenons, it's all about tasting the cookies.


Sharks weekend report.

Well, they came away with the 3 points out of the four games, leaving them 2 points behind Vancouver for eight spot, and the Sharks have 3 games in hand.

The Sharks could have got all four points, but the game against Dallas was weird. The first thing Dallas put in the San Jose net was a player, he was kinda large and he sorta distracted (read: knocked over the Toskala)(did I spell that one right kenny?), allowing the Dallas shooter to put the cookie in the taster. I think the second goal Dallas scored was weak as well, but whatever, can't win them all.

Up next for the Sharks this week, a mini road trip. Tuesday in St. Louis, Thursday in Detroit, Saturday in Minnesota, Sunday in Chicago.


Matt's a guy, and he pointed me to this next link and I'm blatantly posting a link to it because it's one of the greatest things I've ever heard. Trading, start with one red paper clip, and see where it gets you. This man is a hero to some, and he started blogging after I did, or so it appears, and he's gotten way more out of it than I have. And by way more, I mean tangible objects, I've gotten plenty of internet love.

Coming up next week: Blogger groupies. Where are you? Seriously. I've even got a term coined, bloggeroupies. Not the most creative, but please come and taste my cookies.


Last, but not least. Congrats to the 4-time reigning CIS Mens Basketball champions, one of them might even be in one of my classes (see groupies, I'm even giving away the location of my school), the Carleton Ravens. When asked how it felt to win again the guy on the right said 'damn, those cookies taste sweet!'


Anonymous said...

Blatantly, not blatently. For a guy saving the world one word at a time, never mind...

Do you want applause for spelling Toskala right? I'm clapping for you, can you hear me?

Who's kenny?

Hossim said...

who's anonymous? what are you on?