Thursday, March 02, 2006

more for me than you

wake up.

finite time passing.

make a list of things to do with finite time. i.e. go to Wembley stadium and catch a concert/football match.

find the internal mental switch which creates that which puts me at ease.

learn to leave the past behind and put my head up to see the future.

learn how to see again. difference between looking and seeing. just because you look, doesn't mean you see.

Raptors lost to Atlanta at home in overtime. Forget playoffs, play for lottery now. Read a blog that was giving accolades to babcock for being like J.P. Riccardi of the Jays, saying that they both blew up the foundations. They did, the only difference was J.P. seemed to have a plan (i.e. stockpile arms in the minors) and you can't really stockpile youth as much in basketball so all babcock really did was blow up the team. I counted to ten, swore at the guy, and decided not to comment on his belief that babcock did anything noteworthy. It's not hard to dump salaries and contracts when there are people like isiah thomas out there.

what's really cool is being able to reach out in the dark and find a bottle of water. i was seeing something that I couldn't look for with my eyes.

I was hearing something that i couldn't believe was coming from my mouth.

I was reading a face on the street, a reflection of a lost soul wandering aimlessly through the shadows. It disappeared behind a street light and then the light went out.

i'm not overwhelmed, i'm underwhelmed and dauntless. the truth doesn't scare me because the truth is empty.

i study history, try to learn math. numbers and words. math has words, and words have numbers. only one number is spelled out in alphabetical order. forty.

i've lost the momentum for this evening.

Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.

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