Wednesday, February 08, 2006

another mystery solved

Napoleon. What was with the hand in the jacket dude? Well, I think I may have solved the mystery of why he put his hand inside his coat today. I caught myself doing the exact same thing, and for some reason I thought of Napoleon.

I know you're on pins and needles, so I'll get to it.

You see, Napoleon used to have a discman, and he would put the cord up through inside his jacket. He had a defective one and with discman's being rare (ipods rarer still), he couldn't exchange it. Back in those days you had to be an emperor to own technology that wasn't going to be invented for a couple of centuries. Anyways, he got the first discman to ever come out in France, and wouldn't you know it? The earphones were sketchy. So, in order to keep music pumping through them, he had to hold his earphones in a very certain way. And that happened to involve his hand being in his jacket.

Ergo sum, he put his hand in his jacket, holding the earphones, pumping through the tunes that got him through those days. We all have had those days when you wish that the music in your ears was all there was. Rock on Napoleon.

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