Thursday, February 16, 2006

olympic thoughts

Some musings while watching Canada play Germany in Olympic round robin hockey. Sakic just scored (from Bertuzzi and Nash) on the powerplay, and it's 2-0 Canada.

-I can't believe Sweden lost 5-0 to the Russians, after the Russians lost to the Slovaks. Perhaps parody is setting in.

-It took seven seasons, but I finally won the Super Bowl with my fantasy drafted Chargers. Although my friend Kenny was able to move his fantasy drafted Raiders to Toronto in the off season, so I'm not sure who is the winner. Is it the video game citizens of San Diego, the video game citizens of Toronto or all the women who got peace and quiet instead of 70+ hours of conversations with us filled with witty anecdotes about our video game filled lives? Yes, it takes over 10 hours to play a season and we're in season seven. And we're just getting started.

-3 to zero Canada, Gagne just scored.

-The day you turn your oven on to pre-heat and your eyes start stinging is the day before the day you have to clean your oven.

-Gillette Fusion. 6 blades. 5 on one side. I'm just curious now to see how many blades they can fit on a razor now. Personally, I'm going to buy one of those old fashioned brushes to apply shaving cream, a rock, and a single blade (like barbers use). And a rock. I'm going to sharpen the blade on the rock, and watch civilization build a razor with so many blades that it will come with a decapitation warning.

-Speaking of grooming, did you ever wake up and say "I think today I should brush my teeth?" Mothers and people in the dental industry everywhere just cringed. I'm just kidding, but not really. I bet lots of people do that, and most are single guys or guys in college. We're like hamsters; we like to keep food around in our mouths for later.

-I came up with most of these thoughts in the shower, which made me come up with another thought. I realized that if someone ever invented a waterproof, wireless, laptop, it would be a huge seller. There you go engineers, a gift of a million dollar idea.

-Ever blow your nose so hard that you end up farting?

-Having a pretty woman ask me if I'm interested in a fish taco just before showing me a platter of tacos filled with fish is akin to having her say "I need another hand for this job." Perception is filled with filters, and yes I do realize that I may have just come across as objectifying women as sexual objects. Before you ladies get too mad, remember that I've spent a good portion of the last month playing a football video game, and its not even football season.

-I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

hoss, here's a serious question: how many women do you think read your blog? seriously. i'm one, how many more?
also...i had no idea that people were having such difficulty shaving that such advancements in razor technology need to be reached.
someone just farted in the library.


Hossim said...

um....women? my mom might sometimes. and other web surfers might be females of adult age who accidentaly stumble upon it.

I dunno. I like to qualify with broad based perspectives my own narrow minded principles.

And library's generally have the odour of someone having just farted.

fastest response to comment ever.