Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the defence rests

A player will be ruled in bounds if he touches the pylon at the goal line before going out of bounds. For example, a pass would be considered complete if one foot touches the pylon and the other foot is in bounds.

AP Photo Mark Humphrey

Tell me it was the wind in Ford Field that moved the pylon and not Darrell Jackson's right leg before it touched out of bounds.

After this play, Hasselbeck turned to the official and the camera showed him mouthing the words "what's going on?" to the ref. What was going on, NFL?

A question is, after the blown Rothlesberger touchdown, did Seattle have any challenges left to challenge the play?

Madden also said during the game that "sometimes you think you see something when it's not really there" (he was referring to a call made by an official against Seattle). I would call that bias.


Anonymous said...

It was inside of two minutes so it was the booth that needed to challenge.

If Mike Carey, the greatest official probably in sports history, was there alot of calls would have gone differently.

You should compile a list of all the errors they made. The Randle El fumble, the missed delay of game call against Pit, the offensive pass interference (though I agree with that one), the questionable holding call, the Roethlisberger TD, Hasselbeck being called for a "block below the waist" on his tackle of the ball carrier.

Alan Faneca should have won the MVP of the game for his block on the Parker run. That took more skill than anything Hines Ward did that game.

NFL refs suck.

Falcon Beach really sucks.

Mike Carey said...

Hello Good Sir,
Those are some pretty fancy italics you used for that text describing how the pylon magically makes a player who only landed one foot on the field inbounds. That's enough italics to make a layman think you got the text from some sort of official rule source.

As the only person on the planet who actually knows what is contained in the NFL rule book, I will inform you that your text appears nowhere in it. The only possible source of your fancy italic text it seems, is your ass.


Mike Carey

Anonymous said...

So, this allegedly accurate blog is inventing rules and presenting them as fact? I was told this blog had valid insights and was a reliable source of wit and accuracy. This is shameful. We were looking to link this blog as a result of the good things we were hearing. Get your facts straight, do not present conjecture as fact. Maybe then you will achieve some kind of status as a pseudo-journalist.

Hossim said...

Mike Carey, you can go suck a lampost. Then post a comment on the review.

To the second anonymous poster, this is not an allegidly accurate blog, nor is it an accurate blog. I'd appreciate it if you stopped reading. I don't do it for journalistic sake, I do it because if I didn't take some time to type my hands would permanantly freeze around my own penis.

But thanks for the input.

Hossim said...

The rule about possession for a touchdown is up in the air until I see a source confirming it. I feel that there is room for me to be incorrect about that rule. When I find an NFL rulebook, I'll repost.

John Clayton said...

Holy crap, I make a typo 4 years ago in some offseason space filler article and this guy bases his whole blog on it like it was the Quran or something.

Buddy, it was a typo. I was drunk when I wrote that article because I figured no one would ever read it. Jackson was out of bounds. He knows he was out of bounds. I know he was out of bounds. Deal with it.

- John Clayton

PS - I appreciate you quoting me in italics. It makes me feel important.

Hossim said...

until i see a rulebook, I believe nothing typed here. as should you.