Monday, February 13, 2006

crash monday

6 lugers, 4 skiers, 2 speed skaters went down today in Italy. Some badly, too badly to continue. And some put on the Olympic spirit. Like this pair of figure skaters.

Hao Zhang and Dan Zhang

I once said figure skating wasn't a sport because of the judging element. As I type this I'm witnessing a young pair of chinese figure skaters and the ladies name is Dan Zhang. She missed a landing on what I think was a quad toss (?) and spread eagled the landing, probably busting up one of her knees. They stopped the program, stopped the music, I was sure it was over. 5 minutes later she decided to continue the program, and her partner Hao Zhang is going to throw her again. This is an unbelievable display of heart. Figure skating. I never thought it could.

And they won the silver medal.

Olympics kick ass.

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