Saturday, February 18, 2006

tweet, taxi!

Someone call the Canadian Olympic team taxi squad and get me Eric Staal on the phone. We need to ask him the formula for kryptonite for Martin Gerber.

Perhaps some of the Team Canada brain trust should have gone to the Spengler Cup this past December.

Pronger just took a really stupid penalty. Stupid on every single level. On a very small scale could that be considered a penalty, but I'm not the ref here.

5 minutes to go, Canada down 2-0. Now the Canadian players won't stop moving their legs.

Also, I don't have to testify at the trial of the NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE OFFICER who was indicted for gambling.

Sports Illustrated (and other mainstream media outlets) owe Mr. Wayne Gretzky an official apology for wasting everyones time with the headlines accusing him in the mess that also included (incase you haven't heard) a NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE OFFICER. I pick on SI because they sent 3 people over to Torino to further investigate Gretzky's involvement in the gambling story that involved a NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE OFFICER.

Operation Slap shot my ass. James Harney, an eight-year veteran of the New Jersey state police. As this blog is proof of, just because someone writes something down and distrubutes it, doesn't make it or them credible. With the internet and our new digital ecosystem, I give newspapers a few more years until they go the down the same path that radio did when television came along.

Congratulations Team Switzerland on your victory over Canada. Did you know I have a keychain from your country even though I've never been there? Martin Gerber kicks ass.

Why do we fall Bruce? To learn how to pick ourselves up again.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with the entire coaching staff of a professional sports team being involved in a multi-million dollar sports gambling ring run by organized crime. Nothing worth investigating there. You're right, they owe Gretzky an apology.

Wow, I can't believe an officer of the law would ever involve himself with organized crime. Especially in New Jersey! You're right, that should be their main focus.

Hossim said...

Wow, sarcasm. I can't believe that it would actually come through so clearly.

Listen wolf crying boy, let me explain to you the whole meaning of the word slander.

You can accuse, but you should have, you know, evidence to back it up.

They didn't have the evidence, then they made the accusation, then they went and looked for the evidence.

I don't mind investigations.

But people being arrested for being terrorists always makes the headlines, but when those same people are released without any charges, it isn't a story. Gretzky was a suspected gamblorist. When no charges are made, no retraction is printed.

Although your blatent bias of the state of New Jersey shines right through, and your disrespect for the law is kinda appealing, I find it kinda inconsistent that you feel that a sports figure is more important to ones daily life than an officer of the law.

Perhaps sports outcomes are important to you.

Perhaps you're a gambler or a sportsfan yourself, because that's the only reason you would feel that fixing games would be a huge crime.

Perhaps you haven't heard of the NFL.

Anonymous said...

"Wolf crying boy"? What makes you think I'm a boy? Perhaps I'm one of your legion of female readers.

This is no way to treat a lady. Especially one who was agreeing with you.

Hossim said...

The story of the boy who cried wolf is that of someone who makes allegations (of a wolf) when there is nothing really there, and when something is really there (a wolf) no one listens. The story is about a boy, and that's why I used that reference. There is no wolf crying girl story as far as I can tell.

The way you phrased your comment, with your knowledge of the situation, says that you know more about the situation than you would if you just read my blog commentary.

I thought you were not agreeing with me, because if you were you would have stated as such. If I inferred your intentions incorrectly, I apologize.

In my defence, not many people comment to tell me that i'm right about anything, so I usually have to defend my positions.

And also, if you are a lady, you would realize that I do not, could not, have a "legion" of female readers. I just don't do chick-lit.