Sunday, February 12, 2006

i have a cold

Self medicating involves not paying attention to stupid people, because my patience is worn thin with this congestion. With no other outlet for the frustration caused by stupidity, due to beeing cooped up in the apartment with a cold, I tend to judge more so than normal. And I yell at the computer screen when stupid things are presented. Much like you might be doing right now. But something has been building for the past week and I just snapped. Right there, just did it. Here is the literal translation of my anger.

Gretzky is innocent. Any Canadian who even slightly insinuates that he should not go to the Olympics because of gambling allegations should do us all a favour and jump off the 15th floor of the closest building they can find. Quick, go. Jump.
(Photo: REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly)

Other goings on recently, asides from blatent stupidity prevailing, is a coincidence where the latest NHL general managers meeting took place in...

Las Vegas.

ouch. bad timing.

Band: Wolf Parade (recommended by a friend who I should give thanks to, thanks kenny). Song: I'll believe in anything. Great song.

because nobody knows you, and nobody gives a damn either way.


Anonymous said...

here, here good sir.


Anonymous said...

The guy sounds like a dying cat.